The Aurapay Token (APT)

Aurapay Token (APT) is a regulated cryptocurrency stablecoin, designed with a 1:1 ratio to the Japanese Yen (JPY). This means that each APT is equivalent to 1 Japanese Yen, ensuring a stable and predictable value in the digital currency space.

In the world of blockchain, there are not many stablecoins that represent the value of the JPY fiat currency. APT proudly stands as one of the select few. Navigating the complex blockchain landscape can be intimidating, but we are here to provide a transparent and reliable bridge that seamlessly connects your digital assets with JPY value.

The value of APT remains relatively steady in comparison to the Japanese Yen. We firmly believe that stable digital assets like APT are crucial for unlocking the full potential of blockchain technology.

Why APT is Different?

One of a kind Token

One of the few amount JPY stablecoins in blockchain and we aim to become the bridge that seamlessly connects your crypto-assets with JPY value.


APT aims to maintain a stable JPY value at a 1:1 ratio with the underlying asset they are pegged to. This stability makes APT suitable for everyday transactions and as a store of value.

Speed and Efficiency

APT offer fast and efficient cross-border transactions without the delays or fees associated with traditional banking systems.

Digital Nature

APT operates on blockchain technology, offering more than just a wallet. Our stablecoin is designed for easy transfer, storage, and utilization across various digital ecosystems.


APT complies to regular audits and reports to its maintain transparency.

Join the revolution and experience APT yourself.