Next Generation
Crypto Payment Platform

Seamless transactions for all.

Seamless Crypto
Payment Platform

Explore endless possibilities with Aurapay: Pay, Buy, Sell and Send tokens. Aurapay serves as your ultimate cryptocurrency wallet, connecting you with merchants and the blockchain. We offer Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Tether.

Deposit and Withdraw
at your ease!

Deposit and withdrawals can be processed in both fiat and cryptocurrency anytime, anywhere.

Advance Security Systems

SSL is the backbone of secure digital connections, a safeguard of encrypts communication data that ensures your sensitive information and and personal details remain private and secure during your transactions.

Your wallet includes multiple locks, requiring the approval of several authorized users. This provides an additional layer of protection against unauthorized transactions and ensures the utmost security for all.

An extra layer of safety is added by sending a one-time password to your designated email address. This process provides double protection for your account, making it significantly tough for unauthorized access.

The Aurapay Token

Aurapay Token (APT) is a regulated cryptocurrency stablecoin, designed with a 1:1 ratio to the Japanese Yen (JPY). This means that each APT is equivalent to 1 Japanese Yen, ensuring a stable and predictable value in the digital currency space.